Tuesday, October 02, 2007

“When do I get to have an adventure?” Bel Canto asked her mother one day. “I’m tired of waiting here on the bookshelf for postcards to come. When do I get to explore the world?”

Bel Canto’s mother snorted softly through her warm gray nostrils and shook her mane. “One explorer in the family is one too many,” she said.

Bel stamped her little hooves and flipped her tail into the air. But under her breath she muttered, “How come He gets to have all the fun?”

“Now where is he?” she asked out loud when the mail arrived.

The Au Pair sorted through the mail looking for postcards from Le Petit Cheval. “I believe he is still exploring Paris,” she said.

“He’s been in Paris for a week or more!” complained Bel. “Why doesn’t he come home?”

“Look,” said the Au Pair. “Here he is and that is Notre Dame Cathedral I see in the background.

“Where? Where is Le Petit Cheval?” cried Bell, looking at the photographs “I can’t see him.”

“Well,” said the Au Pair. “He is a very little horse.”


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