Friday, May 18, 2007

Strange Traveling Companions

The little horse was hoping that Lou and Pete would also go to France. He had enjoyed his time in Mexico with the boys, especially Lou, who spent more time doing things and less time sleeping and watching TV. But, alas, the boys had lives of their own to lead and traveling to France was not on their calendars.

The little horse found himself packing to travel with four adults. Not only adults, but OLD adults, ones with gray hair. “Well,” said Bel Canto, when he told her he thought it was strange. “You’ve got a lot of gray hair yourself.”

The little horse snorted at her and rolled her eyes. “But that’s different,” he said. “My hair has always been gray.”

“And white and spotted black,” added Bel Canto. The little horse just snorted at her and rolled his eyes again.

But he was excited to be packing for another trip to a foreign land. He could hardly wait to explore the city of Paris, setting for the beginning of the book Mademoiselle Misfortune. He hoped he could finish the book before they left.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


The little horse rarely paid attention to the people who lived in the bedroom where the bookshelf was. But one day the book MADEMOISELLE MISFORTUNE, disappeared from the shelf. The little horse was not yet finished with the story. He began to watch the activity in the room, and to listen to what was being said. Someone was planning a trip, a trip to France. Here was his chance. They had taken him to Mexico. Perhaps he could go to France.