Monday, March 10, 2008

The Little Horse Says Goodbye to the Bookshelf

For a few days the little horse seemed to change. He seemed content with the quiet life on the bookshelf. He even studied his French lessons. Bel began to hope that he had gotten over his urge to travel. But she was wrong.

One morning the little horse went from nose to nose, nuzzling his father, his mother, the pinto pony, even the au pair. He came to Bel last. “Good bye, Bel,” he wickered. “I’m leaving for New Hampshire. I’m traveling in a backpack once more. In three days I will be at the Red House. I’ll miss you.”

Bel’s heart sank. She heard his words, but she could tell that this was not just “good bye for now.” Her big brown eyes grew moist. “I wanted you to wait for me to be old enough to travel with you.”

“You know mother won’t let you travel on your own. I can’t wait any longer. I am off, off, off! I can’t wait to taste wild blue berries, sphagnum moss, reindeer lichen. I’m going on the big climb with Kristen and Caitlin. Back to the mountains! Good bye! Good bye!”

For three days the little horse lived in a backpack and traveled in a car. At last they reached the Red House. There were Caitlin and Kristen. There were all the other cousins. Soon everyone was busy packing for the big climb. Even the little horse had to carry his own blanket and feed dish. Tomorrow they would leave for the mountains and the big climb. Tomorrow his biggest adventure ever would begin. The little horse spent the night sleeping on top of the backpacks. He did not want to be left behind in all the excitement.


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